Week Five: Diesel Fuel: Good, Better, Best

July 1, 2020 |2:00 PM EST



With 2020, a new decade begins, and from this vantage point, a year where major developments are happening in the diesel fuels, engine and equipment sectors. These include diesel technology set to get even cleaner, a global transition to cleaner distillate shipping fuels is in place, more fuel-efficient diesel pickup truck and SUV choices have been announced for consumers in North America, growing adoption of new technology diesel engines in construction, farm, industrial, rail and marine applications, and the use of renewable biodiesel fuels growing to boost the future for diesel technology. Our speakers bring a fresh perspective to the diesel discussion, gain from their insight how to differentiate good, better and best when it pertains to buying and selling diesel.

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Paul Nazzaro

President, Nazzaro Group

Donnell Rehagen


John Huber

President, NORA