Week Three: Fuel Marketing Re-imagined

June 23, 2020 |2:00 PM EST



Rise and shine, it’s time to wake up and participate in today’s backward auction. Nationwide countless fuel distributors call their suppliers and determine what price that supplier wishes to offer them to earn their business for the day, or contract period. For decades buyers have weighed their purchases on seeking and securing the low. Buying right is clearly an important element of a successful fuel marketer, however, so is positioning themselves as an elite supplier. With downward pressures being exerted on the crude market and consumers elated with these new historic lows now is the time to reposition your company not only to buy the low but to buy the best. Learn how to transition from backward auction participation to market leading distribution.

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Paul Nazzaro

President, Nazzaro Group

Donnell Rehagen


John Huber

President, NORA